Old Parish Church Halkirk

An 18th Century church on site with a 1000 years of history

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The 18th century Halkirk church was originally the parish church.  The church was built in 1753 on the site of the chapel erected in 1222. by the third Bishop of Caithness.  It was in use by the local community until 1934 when it was declared surplus to requirements following the unification of the Parish church and the West church.  The former Free church in Halkirk became the village place of worship.  Over the years the old church began to decay and the roof had been in a poor state over the last ten years up to 2000.  Highland council served a notice on the Kirk requiring action but the church of Scotland objected sayiong it was going to demolish the building.  In the end after much debate it reconsidered and agreed to remove the roof and carry out work to consolidate the premises.

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Parts of the church have been sent to other places to be used.  The organ was sent to America in 1994.  The bell went to Carberry Tower near Musselburgh, Midlothian in 1960.  Slates from the roof have been used in Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian

Rev Kenneth Warner and local councillor David Flear are exploring the possibility of setting up a charitable trust that would use the church as a focal point of a heritage scheme to tell the story of over 1000 years of religious worship on the site.