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Castle Of Mey Reconstruction

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A small village on the north coast of Caithness.  Just outside the village lies the Castle of Mey owned by the Queen Mother.

New Mey Picture Gallery 12 September 2002

From Shelagh Moir
Nos 1. 2.& 3. is 2nd School.  Picture 10 was 1st school. & Schoolhouse for both schools.  Picture No 12 was "Viewfirth" Wildie Allan's, He and his fatherSanny Allan, who lived across the road from there ( the bunch of trees in No 11 is at what was his House ) owned the "steam thashing mills" that went to the crofts & farms all around this side of  the county.  His son Sandy lives up  near Heathfield farm  in Thurso up near Dunbar Hospital.   His cousin Bunt Allan had the mills  up the coast about Latheron somewhere and did that side of the county.  Picture 13 was the Police Station till a few years ago. 

Early Mey From Shelagh Moir

The first photo No1  is the oldest one its D/S on back 12 2 1909 but  it could have been older than that David Laing Mey Thurso is stamped on the end so he must have had them made to sell in the shop.  He had the hotel & shop  The shop used to be where the lounge is now and store where dining room is.

The 2nd one there is no date stamp but is later as there's a dyke round Sanny Allans and you can see the new school. In No1 you can see the Hall Cottage opposite the castle drive and if you look closely the coach & horses are at hotel door and that's Sanny Allans across from School & Schoolhouse

Mey Games 2003  - Present Day

Mey Highland Games 2002 Pictures

Mey From The Air

Loch Of Mey Bird Hide



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The Shop

oldfillingstat.jpg (31448 bytes)
Old Filling Station
And earlier school

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Shop Sign
Old Filling Station in background

Castle Of Mey Today

Map Of Mey Area