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The Sutherland Biodiversity Action Plan - October 2003

Rural Stewardship Scheme
The Rural Stewardship Scheme incorporates a list of 30 locally important habitats and species, that have
been drawn up jointly by agricultural and conservation interests. There are different lists for different areas throughout Scotland, and Sutherland falls under the West Highland list, which is shown below. This list is not to be confused with the national and local priority habitats and species above, as it is used specifically for RSS applications and is updated by the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department on an annual basis.

RSS 2003 LBAP Species and Habitats List: West Highland


1. Acid grassland

2. Marshy grassland and rough pasture

3. Purple moor grass and rush pastures

4. Neutral grassland

5. Upland meadows

6. Watercourses (rivers and streams)

7. Rushes & marginal vegetation (including species-rich rush pasture)

8. Wetland margins

9. Blanket bog

10. Wet heath

11. Dry heath

12. Overwintering crops

13. Wet woodland

14. Wood and scrub pasture

15. Scrub woodland (upland scrub)


16. Ragged robin

17. Yellow rattle

18. Devilís bit scabious

19. Birdís foot trefoil

20. Common eyebright

21. Knapweed

22. Brown trout

23. Redshank

24. Lapwing

25. Snipe

26. Curlew

27. Woodcock

28. Yellowhammer

29. Goldfinch

30. Twite