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The Empty Roads Of Sutherland
Mound To Lairg - A839

The A839 Mound To Lairg is on the route to Lochinver or you can take one of the roads off to other small Sutherland villages.  the countryside is magnificent and only gets better and better as you travel west.  It also gets emptier and emptier so make sure you have filled up with petrol before leaving Lairg. 

Along this road is Rogart with along history and another of the places affected by the clearances.  The area has many small churches reflecting its history with some still being used and others abandoned.  As you will see from the photos the area can be very quiet and the roads linke most of the north of Scotland are great to relax and feel how driving used to be - assuming you do not live there already.

Mound To Lairg in Autumn Photo Gallery