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14 January 07
The first photos in the gallery were taken on a trip on 10 June 2006.  We dipped into one or two places on the Strathnaver Trail.  There is lot to see and we did not attempt to do it all that day but took a relaxed drive and a few stops for picnics, and cups of tea from our flask.  We will head back through Strathnaver and take more photos to add to the gallery at a later date.  But you cannot really beat being there.  The day we were there in June was beautiful calm day and we saw hardly anyone along the road that day.  for calm and tranquillity you can hardly see a better place.  And yet it has a huge amount of history from the people who lived there for thousands of years.  The recently completed trail information makes for interesting stops and there is information on plaques at each place. 

If you start at the north end take look at the Strathnaver Museum to soak up some information to set the scene before you drive south.

Strathnaver Tail on Mackay Country
Strathnaver Trail - Case Study - National Lottery
Strathnaver Museum Web Site

Strathnaver Museum