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12 May 05
Older Set Of Stairs Discovered Beneath Blackstairs
The workmen rebuilding the Blackstairs have found another set of older steps beneath the Blackstairs .  The steps had been built over when the Blackstairs were put in place.  So this is not te first time the steps have been modernised.  The Blackstairs would have become abusy place as Pulteneytonw and Wick grew into the Herring capital of the country and the town fathers must have decided awider set of steps was needed.  Perhaps the steps about 5 feet wide were too congested and they decided to use the slope and widen the steps to allow for the increasing foot traffic from lower to upper Pulteneytown.  It should be remembered that the area had an increasing number of shops, businesses, pubs and places for migrant workers in the fishing industry to live.  At least we can see that the Blackstairs have had more than one re-incarnation.

19 April 05
Blackstairs Reconstruction Underway
The reconstruction of the Blackstairs - part of the Pultenytown Heritage Project is finally underway.  More information about the Pulteneytown Heritage project can be found on the Telford's Pulteneytown web site.

8 October 2003
Blackstairs To Be Rebuilt
The Blackstairs may be rebuilt to bring them back to the original standard when they were first built.  This will be part of the regeneration of Lower Pulteney which is already under way in Telford Street and Miller Street and will spread out to other parts of the area originally designed by Thomas Telford.  Over the years the stairs have deteriorated.  New stairs will be used where required.  Drainage will be added at the top and one extra stair added to make the flight of steps more even.  Using Caithness flagstone the stairs will be relinked to the harbour area by means of a new pavement also in Caithness flagstone.

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