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29 June 2005
Work began this week on the new shopping complex situated n the outskirts of Wick.  The new complex that will have seven units with the two main shops being Homebase and Argos.  With Tescos planning application about to begin the process Wick will in a very short time have some of the most modern shopping facilities outside Inverness.  Suddenly the tide is changing in Wick's favour.  It has been recognised for some time that a town with an airport, harbour and railhead is ideally situated to make an economic come back.  Few other small towns have all three forms of transport facilities on their doorstep.  With roads to the far north being improved Wick is likely to be on of the places to be or to visit in coming years.  the wick Harbour Trust will become Wick Harbour Authority on 1 July with new powers to be more business like.  Another group is looking to take on the opportunities for investment around the harbour.  Waterfront property in many parts of Scotland have risen in value as new developments take place.  Wick may also see this knock on effect once things begin to change.  The developments in Lower Pulteneytown are halting the decline of the former fishing port area and the improvements are still happening.  The Blackstairs improvements will flow into the harbour over the next few months.  Telford Street and Williamson Street developments have shown what can be done.  New jobs are coming  for example in the Wick business Park  - a new dental training unit.  It may be taking longer than some people expected but it is on its way.  The harbour has what is virtually a new pier at 3.5 million just completed and work is now in progress on Shore Street to permanently fix the storm ravaged section from the Wick Laundry towards the North Pier.  Once that problem is fixed it makes it possible for any development along that area to be more likely.
The Homebase shopping centre is yet another sign that Wick is seen as a place with plenty of potential.  With Tescos following and confirming that a petrol station is now part of their plans Wick is undoubtedly about to see a new phase in its economic development after many years of decline.  When the turn comes it often comes fast and the gun has been fired for this particular race.  Homebase  - Argos - Tescos may be just the start.  Some of the traffic to Inverness may at last be about to change direction.