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Pilot House - Wick

22 May 05
Robert More Son Of A Pilot Reopens The Pilot House
On Saturday 21 May Robert More - son of Willie More a former pilot at wick declared the Pilot House open again.  Robert's father Willie More had been a pilot at Wick and used the Pilot House while waiting on boats to require assistance to come into port.   George More and others in his family had been fishermen for many years and was glad to have the opportunity whilst still in his forties to become a pilot and be able to stay at home and no longer have to be away for several months with the fishing fleet following the herring around the coast.  The Pilot House reopening is due to the driving force of Iain Sutherland former chairman of the Wick society and who in association with "Freends" have steadily moved from one project after another - Trinkie & North Baths - to name but two.  He is also working on excavating an old Mill on the outskirts of Wick.  Iain has been working at getting the Pilot House ready and had completed repainting the outside, cleaning up the inside which is in surprisingly good condition.  A coal fire was burning for the day and it was the first time many younger folk had seen smoke coming from the Pilot house chimney and only older folk could remember that sight. 

A new weathercock is in place as the old one had rusted away.  The roof of the Pilot House is worth a close look to see the pattern of slates made by the original builder.  Only only the chimney side has been repaired at some point.  The roof is a testament to the builder as it has stood the weather at Wick well since 1901.  The new life of the Pilot House will be as base on Saturday afternoons and perhaps more if other volunteers join in to show folk Wick from above the harbour.  Other visitor related businesses will be encouraged to leave their information at the Pilot House for small donation.  Donations will be the only source of income for the Pilot House as Iain and his "Freends" prefer not to apply for grants for the work they do.  It looks like another success story for yet another project in Wick brought about by hard work and "Can Do" attitude that is still prevalent in Wick.

Reopening Of The Pilot house, Wick
The Pilot house will formally be opened to the public on Saturday 21 May 2005 at 2.00pm to 5.00pm and marks a return to use after many years.  There will be a small ceremony at which tea will be served and to begin with it will open every Saturday afternoon in the summer and every day during Gala Week.  As suitable volunteers become available the building will be open more often.  It will contain a small exhibition of piloting in Wick for 150 years, and the custodians are looking for copies of photographs showing the pilots carrying out their duties.  Photographs of Willie Thain, James Bain, Alec Mackay, and Willie More will be on display.  also on display will be charts and maps of Wick Bay and artefacts connected with piloting, which have been donated in the last few months.   When the Pilot House is open Iain Sutherland will give conducted tours of about half an hour duration and numbers are limited to ten per group.  there will be no charge for the tours but donations are expected as this will be the only source of income to pay for the upkeep and the completion of the restoration.  As the whole bay is visible from the Pilot House the tours will be given from there.  The Pilot house will also exhibit tourist leaflets on behalf of local businesses for which a small donation is expected.



Presented By Sir Arthur Bignold Of Lochrosque M.P. October 1908

Picture - Bill Fernie