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29 December 2000

After all the snow the weather in wick was good today despite forecasts of more snow and colder weather.  Wick weather always defiant.  If you want to see what it was like the last couple of days go to Weather in Caithness for some Wick Snow and Snowy Caithness for other places including Thurso, Watten, Scrabster and Bower.
boyandrew1.jpg (43468 bytes)
Boy Andrew
Home for the holidays
wick1.jpg (44322 bytes)
Looking to Wick Harbour
All snow gone
marrab.jpg (45746 bytes)
wick2.jpg (42767 bytes)

wick3.jpg (37429 bytes)

wickcoast.jpg (41088 bytes)
From above old lifeboat shed

wickfromcliffs.jpg (42356 bytes)
Looking to Wick from above old lifeboat shed

jamesbremner1.jpg (41822 bytes)
Looking to Wick with James Bremner monument on the left

lifeboatshed.jpg (41798 bytes)
Old Lifeboat shed.  With the strong swell you can see why they finally gave up sing it to house the lifeboat.  Launching in certain weather was a big problem.  It now houses the Isabella Fortuna owned by the Wick Society.