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2000 The Final Hours -31 December

About midday weather was fine but very cold and storms forecast for later on.  So last of 2000 pictures and on to 2001...........
bridgest.jpg (33028 bytes)
Bridge Street
bridgewickriver.jpg (36508 bytes)
Bridge from Camps
centre1.jpg (42060 bytes)
Empty now but by 11.00pm could be packed with people, bands etc.

centre2.jpg (40033 bytes)

councilwick.jpg (39538 bytes)
Council Buildings
Rumour has it that in a few years it may be gone.

dentist.jpg (36499 bytes)
This building saw a complete refurbishment and new roof with traditional slate.  Now the dentist.

highstwick.jpg (39215 bytes)
High Street

harbourcalm.jpg (37799 bytes)
Harbour area calm today
Compare it to September Storms

marketsquare2.jpg (35537 bytes)
Market Square
Ready for tonight's revellers

marketsquare.jpg (39915 bytes)
Market Square
The orange building is D R Simpson
newsagents  - site of the webcam tonight

overwickriver.jpg (41709 bytes)
Quiet over Wick
From Whitehouse Park

louisburghst.jpg (40240 bytes)
Louisburgh Street