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What's Happening at Wick Harbour

Pictures of activity around the harbour.

23 October 2000 - this morning a cargo of fertiliser was being landed.  The sea was calm.  The Pentland Venture ferry is laid up for the winter in Wick harbour - it normally runs from John O'Goats to Orkney in the summer months till the end of September.  This is the short crossing.  the main car ferry runs from Scrabster all the year round.

fertiliser.jpg (42910 bytes)

hester.jpg (37789 bytes)

hester2.jpg (37270 bytes)

pentlandferry.jpg (35184 bytes)
Pentland Venture Ferry
Berthed for the winter
this is  the ferry to Orkney in summer


pilotboat.jpg (40738 bytes)

Pilot Boat
Used to guide larger boats in and out of the harbour.

wicklifeboat.jpg (34617 bytes)
Wick Lifeboat

Click here for Lifeboat page

More pictures of the harbour will be put here when they are available or we have time to take a few more

boats.jpg (41967 bytes)
24 August 2000

enteringwick.jpg (33883 bytes)
Entering Wick Harbour

wk126.jpg (37352 bytes)
26 June 2000

oldlifeboatshed.jpg (43289 bytes)
Old Lifeboat Shed

harbourprotection.jpg (39424 bytes)
Wall Protection from storms

morewallwork.jpg (37709 bytes)
Part of the protection work
in summer 2000

harbourstones.jpg (40882 bytes)
A few of the stones
being put in front of harbour wall

wickharbour.jpg (39934 bytes)
Harbour 1 November 2000

wickharbour2.jpg (37526 bytes)
Harbour 1 November 2000

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wickharbour30.jpg (47138 bytes)

wickharbourlight.jpg (151767 bytes)

Other Wick Harbour Pictures

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