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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin
1973 - October

The Bulletin
In this second edition of the Bulletin the committee have decided upon a format which they hope will now be maintained. With a headed front page, short items of interest to members will be printed on the blue pages. Longer articles, for which it is hoped that contributors will be found among our members, will be printed on the following white pages.( Note the original Bulletins had opening blue pages).

It is expected that the Bulletin will, in future, be published twice a year. Articles, or items of interest, for publication should be forwarded to the present editor Mr. L. Myatt, or to any member of the committee.

St. Coombs Chapel
Botanical Records
Annual Dinner
Other Field Clubs
Boulder Clay of CaithnessJ Saxon
Elphin Weekend
Medieval Urban Archaeology
Nature Notes
See North, See SouthMiss E R Bullard
Survey of an Unrecorded Stone Setting Near BroubsterL J Myatt
Excavations at Bishop's Castle, Scrabster