Caithness Field Club


In his article on the boulder clay of Caithness Mr. J. Saxon gives a list of the Pleistocene (?) molluscs which may serve as the beginnings of a complete check list. He would like any information on the fossil molluscs of Pleistocene (?) age in Caithness and the range, if still extant, of those not in the British list, also those not extant.

The collection of modern marine shells in the Thurso museum is pitifully small compared with the check list; donations to fill the gaps would be very welcome. Also a check list of non-marine molluscs from Caithness and donations would be appreciated.

The collection of Pleistocene (?) marine shells is restricted to comminuted shells plus the few specimens of Tungulina which have been found on the east coast. Any further additions to the collection would be welcome.

The rock boring molluscs are said not to occur in Caithness or Orkney, although they do exist on the east coast of Sutherland. Mr Saxon recently found their burrows in Orkney and, more recently, in Caithness. He would welcome any shells ,which are undoubtedly from Caithness to identify the genus and species. Ostrea edulis is also said to be extinct in the Pentland Firth. Recently reasonably good shells have been found on the coast. If anyone has seen live ones recently Mr. Saxon would be interested to know. The possibility cannot be ruled out that the new shells weren't imported from elsewhere although, by their remoteness from habitation, it is thought unlikely.

Published October 1973