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Caithness Field Club

Oil Pollution
Mrs J Campbell

It may be of some interest to know that, in the event of oil pollution occurring on any of the Caithness beaches, there is a Scheme of Organisation ready to put into immediate effect. this covers the Burghs of Wick and Thurso as well as the landward areas of the County.

The County Engineer is designated County Oil Pollution Officer and the Burgh Surveyors of Wick and Thurso are the officers for their respective Burghs.

It is expected that early warning of oil pollution will be given by the Meteorological Station at Pitreavie, Fife, the Coastguard Station, Wick and the Lighthouse Keepers at Duncansby Head. Dunnet Head, Holborn Head and Noss Head.

The local authority is expected to deal with oil pollution within approximately one mile of the coast, the definition of the one mile seaward limit being the area of sea between the coastline and a straight line drawn between the following points:- Ord Point, Boch Ailean. Skerry Mor. Sarclett Head. North Head, Papigoe Head, Noss Head, Ness Head, Skirza Head, Wife Geo, Duncansby Head, Man of Mey, Dunnet Head, Holborn Head, Brims Ness and Red Point.

In order to preserve fish, wild life and amenities only the types of preventive works listed in the "Schedule of Coastal classification and recommended treatment/protection.

Published October 1974