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Caithness Field Club

Excavation Reports Relating To Caithness
L J Myatt

Members frequently ask where they may find further information on some of the antiquities of Caithness. Some of the sites have in the past been excavated and when this is the case there is a good chance that the excavation will appear as a report in one of the archaeological journals. Chance finds are often similarly recorded. Many of the reports are to be found in copies of the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and the following list of reports which may not be complete includes most of the important sites which have been reported in the Proceedings. Many of the earlier volumes are held in the Wick library and are available there for reference.

1 149  Stone Vessels found at Auchorn, Caithness 
1 182A H Rhind Celtic Population of North Britain
1 264A H Rhind Relics of a Pict's house at Kettleburn
2 372A H Rhind Excavation of Tumuli at Caithness
2 19R Chambers The Snuff-box of Rev. Alexander Pope
6442J AndersonChambered Cairns of Caithness
7 480J Anderson Horned Cairns of Caithness
7 56S Laing Age of Brochs in Caithness
8 186J A Smith Reindeer in Caithness
8 193  Excavation of Mounds at Keiss
9 292  Excavation of Cairns at Bruan, Yarhouse and Warth Hill
9 422R Campbell Discovery of Silver Rings at Dunnet 
11 87  Articles by Robert, Bishop of Caithness, 1549
12 314J Anderson Celtic or Norwegian Origin of Brochs
12 630J Ferguson Norwegian Origin of Scottish Brochs
12 571  Notes of the Earldom of Caithness
13 76 J A Smith Remains of the Great Auk in Caithness
14 51J Anderson Burial Customs of the Norse Sea Kings
14 436J Ferguson The Great Auk in Caithness
14 445J Anderson Silver Brooch found at Achavrole
23 344  Symbol Stone at Sandside, Reay
26 351J Mackay  Excavation of Ousdale Broch
27 F T Barry  Sculptured Stone from Keiss
30 135  Crusie Lamps from Caithness
31 238  Silver Cup from Canisbay, Caithness
31 293  Sculptured Stones from Thurso and Keiss
32 324  Inscriptions of the Northern Picts
35 102  Nine Brochs, along the Caithness Coast
38  Ogham  Inscription from Latheron
45181-186 J E Cree  Excavation of a Hut Circle, Ackergill Tower, Wick, Caithness
46 77-89A O Curle  Excavation of a Galleried Structure, Langwell, Caithness
48 292-315 J Curle  Scandinavian Grave Finds from Island of Oronsay & Reay Caithness
50314-316J Nicolson  The Exploration of the Kirk-stones of Stroupster, Wick, Caithness
55 213-220 S Orr  Clothing found on a skeleton, Quintfall Hill, Barrock Estate  
56 66-67J Nicolson  Cross Slab found at St. John's Chapel, Canisbay
58227-238W D Simpson Dornoch Cathedral - The High Church of Caithness
59 85-95A J H Edwards  Excavation of a Chambered Cairn Ham, and Hut Circle and Earth Houses, Freswick Links
60160-182A J H Edwards  Excavation of a Number of Graves, Ackergill
61 196-209A J H Edwards  Excavation of Graves at Ackergill, and an Earthouse at Freswick links and Discovery of a Viking Grave at Reay
61 301-17T H Bryce  On the Bones from the Graves at Ackergill
63138-153A J H Edwards  Excavations at Reay links and a Horned Cairn at Lower Dounreay
66 136-37L D Dunbar  Corn Bykes of Caithness
69 108-21L D Dunbar  Fort at Skitten, Wick
73 71-109A O Curle  Viking Settlement at Freswick
74 138A J H Edwards  A Brooch Fragment from Freswick Links
75 23A O Curle  Partial Excavation of the "Wag" at Forse, Latheron
77 5V G  Childe  Late Viking House at Freswick
80 112A O Curle  Excavation of the "Wag" at Forse, Latheron
82 124C S T Calder  Excavation of the Broch of Skitten, Kilmster
82275A O Curle  The "Wag" of Forse, Caithness - Further Excavation
84 218R B K Stevenson  Pictish Sculpture from Reay
95 171A Young  Brochs and Duns
98 J X W P Corcoran  Excavation of Three Chambered Cairns at Loch
100 123A D S Macdonald
& L R Laing 
Early Ecclesiastical Sites in Scotland: a Field Survey, Part 1.
106 194J Close-Brooks Two Bonzes from Caithness
108 378E Talbot  The Ring of Castlehill, Caithness - a Viking Fortification?

Published in October 1980 Bulletin