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Caithness Field Club


vol. 3 No. 5 April 1983

10 YEARS 1973-1983

The Bulletin has now come of age, in a manner of speaking, being 10 years old this April. In April 1973 the first number of the first volume of the Caithness Field Club Bulletin was published as a four page document and by the second number in October 1973 the present format had been established under the editorial guidance of Mr. L. Myatt. The Field Club is very appreciative of his work in establishing the Bulletin in its infancy and through the pages of this Bulletin the Committee would like to express its gratitude and thanks to Les for his fine effort and dedication.

The Bulletin has gained in stature over the years. so much so that it is now sent on subscription to the British Library. Mr. L. Myatt relinquished his editorial responsibility in 1978 and the Bulletin has continued since retaining the format he established.

Since 1973 a total of 115 articles have been published written by a wide variety of author. The field Club is very grateful to all these contributors who have, over these past ten years, kept the Bulletin alive with their varied written contributions.

There is still a steady flow of articles for the Bulletin and in order to retain the interest and scope of the Field Club written contributions from a wide range of different authors is still required. The articles do not have to be too lengthy or yet too learned and editorial assistance is always available if needed for those who are uncertain. In addition the Bulletin is also the forum for the news of the club's activities and other groups of interest to Field Club members. Information and news of the subgroups and individuals working on particular projects are always welcome.





Departure Times Wick/Thurso
24 April

(A car trip to see a number of old chapel sites commencing at Crosskirk)

L. Myatt


22 May

(A gentle walk along the coast North from Wick commencing from the Broadhaven area. Distance will depend on the weather and points of interest along the way)

Mrs. J.Campbell


19 June

A geological field trip to look at the Jurassic boulder beds of East Sutherland - see this Bulletin for an introductory article on the subject)

J. Saxon/

G. Watson


24 July

(A riverside walk along the banks of the River Thurso from Westerdale up river towards Loch More)

G. Leet/

K. Butler


21 Aug.

(Another chance to revisit Rosal And Achadh an Eas. Two clearance settlements in the Strathnaver area)

E. Rudie/

P. Chare

9.15/ 9.45

11 Sept.

(A moorland walk to trace the old A9 road running from the old bridge at Dunbeath southwards)
D. Oliver

10.00/ 9.30

6 Nov.

(This is the time of the year to see the salmon spawning and a visit will be arranged to see this take place)

D. Oliver 10.00/10.00

Stout shoes and lunch needed on these outings.

For further enquiries ring Thurso 62826 or Wick 2730.