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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin
April 1984 - Volume 3 - Number 7


THURSO: Williamson, Chemist,Traill Street, Thurso.
D. & M. Froser, The Stores, Castlegreen Koad, Thurso.
Ferrier's, Newsagents, Princes Street, Thurso.
The Wine Shop, Traill Street, Thurso.
The library, Davidson's lane, Thurso.
Pentland Hotel, Princes Street, Thurso.

WICK : Library
Camps Bookshop, High Street, Wick
Town Hall, Wick.
Cabrelli's, High Street, Wick.


I refer to the article "James lnnes of Cape Fear" by Alison Halley which appeared in the October 1983 edition of the Bulletin (Vol. 3 No. 6 pp. 173- 175).

From information passed to me by the late Rev. George Bell when he was minister of Canisbay I understand that Colonel James lnnes of Cape Fear was in fact the son of Rev. James lnnes, minister of Canisbay (1667-1704). Mr. James Broadee, referred to in the will would undoubtedly have been the Rev. James Brodie who was minister of Canisbay during the period 1747-1779. This agrees with the dating of the will.

Colonel James Innes of Cape Fear, North Carolina, donated 100 to Cannisbay Kirk Session to buiid a steeple to the church, to install a bell 'of which he would not be ashamed' and to provide Poor's money to be paid on his birthday on the condition that the work would start immediately.

The bell was cast in London, conveyed by boat to Leith, then by boat to Thurso and finally by small boat to Huna.

All the letters written by Colonel lnnes were transcribed in the Session Records which were passed to Register House, Edinburgh.

L. J. MYATT, Braal.

Date Time at Time at
Wick Post Thurso
Of f ice Railway
Sunday 29 April 9 AM 9.30 AM Car tour to Farr, Skelpick, and Borgie.
Sunday 20 May 9 AM 9.30 AM Visit to Olrig House , Castletown
Sunday 10 June 9.30 AM 9.30 AM Walk to Badraurie settlement and "wood"
Sunday 24 June 9.30 AM 9.30 AM Langwell House , then boots on for a choice of
walks, one to Duke of Kent monument .
Dates can not yet be fixed for later visits to Dunbeath Castle , the dig at Freswick , and a cliff walk from Old Wick to Sarclet .