Caithness Field Club

Some Discoveries In A Mound In Lythmore
J Saxon

On Monday 21st May 1984 ploughing for seeding with grass in the field known as Tulloch Park in Lythmore revealed structures just beneath the surface of the tulloch, which Is located at map reference 055655. The tulloch itself is a low inconspicuous mound about 40 metres in diameter occupying the highest part of the field overlooking the valley of the Forss Water.

At the northern edge of the tulloch there was a narrow covered passage way which curved to the right. Surface subsidence suggested that it led into a chamber. Three exploratory holes were dug at different parts of she tulloch and, at each excavation, a layer of compacted clay with burnt wood and animal bones was encountered at about 1 metre below the surface. One small fragment of Iron was also found in this occupation layer. In one of theexcavations there appeared to be several courses of masonry.

The nature of the tulloch is not clear. It could be a broch site or a cluster of dwellings. The passage and chamber at the northern end resembles an earth house, though Its real nature will not be revealed without excavation. It could equally well be an intramural passage of some sort.

The excavation has now been back-filled and the field has been seeded.