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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
October 1985

Vol. 4 No. 2

October 1985


After a very eventful summer programme of outings the committee now have in hand the organisation of an interesting winter season of lectures. There will be those members who still thought they were going to be overwhelmed in the Pentland Firth, Fig. 10, and also those who realised that the particular weekend for the Tarradale visit had been chosen for its weather, being about the only fine and warm two days of the summer. There was however the summer solstice when things didn't quite happen as they should and also the game of 'hunt the cairn' in a thick fog which would have done credit to a good day in the middle of Dartmoor. Perhaps the Caithness stone rows are, after all, related to those of the south west of England!


In case any member wishes to contact an officer of the committee the necessary details are given below.

CHAIRMAN: Nick Roberts, "Morven", Kockhill, Wick. Wick 5280

SECRETARY: Agnes Jones, 22 Whitehouse Park, Wick. Wick 4177

TREASURER: Geoff Leet, 8 Burnside, Thurso. Thurso 63489


The Bulletin Editor is Leslie Myatt, Skinandi, Braal, Halkirk. (Halkirk 437). He is always looking for suitable articles of interest to fill the pages. New Authors are always welcome and the closing date for the next copy of the Bulletin is the end of February 1986. This will then enable us to have it ready for the AGM in April.


Aubrey Burl; Megalithic Brittany, 15.00. There are similarities between the stone rows of Caithness and those of Brittany in that these are the only areas where the fan-shaped rows are found. Dr. Burl is the British authority on the archaeology of megalithic settings and has now written a guide to over 350 of the sites in Brittany. This is an important book for either the visitor to these sites or for reference.

Gerald and Margaret Ponting: The Stones Around Callanish. G. & M. Ponting, "Olcote", Callanish, Isle of Lewis, 1984, 44 pp., illus., 2.50. The Callanish area Of Lewis is one of the most important megalithic complexes in the British Isles and Gerald and Margaret Ponting have been carrying out research on these sites over the past decade. This is a guide to twelve sites which gives details of their astronomical significance and is a valuable contribution to the literature on the subject.


The following winter programme has been arranged. Further details will be announced on the posters which will he exhibited in the usual places.

Monday 14th October Some people express concern at the amount of afforestation which is now taking place in the northern Highlands whilst others see it as the best available use of land. Here is an opportunity to hear Mr. McRobbie talk about the work of Fountain Forestry. 8 p.m. Assembly Rooms, Wick.
Saturday 23rd November An opportunity to meet all your friends at the Annual Dinner in the Rendezvous Restaurant, Wick. The guest speaker will be the well known local naturalist Jimmy Gunn. Dress will be optional and you should arrive at 7.30 for 8 p.m.
January Sometimes important speakers have heavy schedules and it is not always easy to arrange a suitable date well in advance, however the committee is working on it. Details of the January meeting will be announced later.
Monday 17th February Remote islands have a fascination especially when they are as inaccessible as St. Kilda, a subject on which Mr. Alistair Fleming will speak in the, comfort of the Pentland Hotel, Thurso at 8 p.m.
Monday 17th March Here is an opportunity to deliver that paper you have written. A number of short papers will be presented by members on a variety of topics. Pentland Hotel 8 P.M.
Monday 21s t April This is a lecture organised by the Extra-Mural Department of Aberdeen University when Mrs. C. Swanson will give a lecture "New Light on Caithness Brochs". It will be followed by the Annual General Meeting. Halkirk School, 7.30 p.m.