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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
April 1987

[Compiler's note: This Constitution was revised in 2001, and the version given below is no longer correct.]



As revised at the Special General Meeting in April 1974


1.                   The aim of the Caithness Field Club is to promote an interest in the local history, natural history and archaeology of the Northern Highlands and islands of Scotland, especially in the County of  Caithness. 


2.         The affairs and property of the club shall be managed by a Committee comprising:
The Chairman
The Vice-Chairman
The Secretary
The Treasurer
Three ordinary members, elected
Three ordinary members, co-opted (optional)

3.         Any other person may, at the invitation of the committee attend meetings of the committee in an advisory and non-voting capacity. 

4.         The quorum at a committee meeting shall be four members.  The committee will decide issues by an open vote.  Each member of the committee shall have one vote.  The Chairman shall also have a casting vote. 

5.         It is intended that the committee should use their powers of co-option mainly to balance up the range of interests and skills among the committee so that they reflect the interests of the members. 

6.                   The committee shall meet at such times and places as the Chairman shall determine, or in the absence of the Chairman as the Vice-Chairman shall determine. 


7.         The committee may invite any person to be honorary President of the club.  The post carries no executive powers or responsibilities. 

7.                   The committee may invite a total of Six persons to be Honorary Vice-Presidents of the Club.  The post carries no executive powers or responsibilities. 


9.         The Secretary shall carry out the normal secretarial duties of the club as directed by the committee. 

10.        The committee may appoint one or more Assistant Secretaries to assist the Secretary in any way that the committee shall direct. 

11.        The committee may appoint an Editor to arrange the editing and publication of any material approved by the committee. 


12.        The Treasurer shall administer the finances of the club as directed by the committee.

13.        The club's banking account shall be in the name of the club.  The withdrawal of funds from the account shall be arranged to require the signature of two of the club's officers. 

14.        An Auditor shall be appointed by the members at the Annual General Meeting.  The audited accounts shall be presented to the next Annual General Meeting. 


15.        Membership is open to all persons.  There are two categories of membership - Ordinary Membership and Junior Membership.

16.        Junior members shall be 18 years of age or younger.  They will cease to be junior members on the 30th day of April subsequent to their 18th birthday.  Junior members younger than 11 years old will participate in the club's activities under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian, unless specifically exempted by the committee. 

17.        The Treasurer will maintain a register of the names and addresses of the members. 


18.        The Annual Subscription shall be an amount recommended by the committee and approved by the members at a General Meeting. 

19.        Annual subscriptions are payable upon the first day of May each year. 

20.        New members joining the club between the first day of January and the first day of May will not be liable for a second Annual Subscription until the first day of May in the following year. 

21.        Any member whose subscription shall be in arrears for one year on the first day of May shall cease to be a member. 


22.        The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the months of April or May each year at such time and places as the committee shall direct.  A quorum shall be 15 members. 

23.        The Secretary shall, by direction of the committee, or at the written request of ten members, call a Special General Meeting for the consideration of any business of interest to the club.  A quorum shall be 15 members. 

24.            Prominent public notice of any General Meeting shall be made at least seven days before the date of the meeting. 

25.        At the Annual General Meeting:-

(i)         The Chairman shall report on the activities of the past year. 

(ii)        The Secretary shall report of any business of interest.

(iii) The Treasurer shall present the audited accounts for approval.

(iv)       The members shall elect by show of hands:-

A Chairman
            A Vice-Chairman
            A Secretary
            A Treasurer

and these shall be the Officers of the club.

(v)        The members shall elect three ordinary members of the committee. 

(vi)       The members shall appoint an auditor.


26.        The committee will organise a programme of at least one lecture or similar activity each month from October to April, and at least one outing each month from May to September. 

27.        Each meeting will be open to any member to attend except that where there is a need to limit total numbers this will be done in strict order of application to attend. 


28.        No rule or constitute shall be made or altered except at a General Meeting.  Not less than two-thirds of the votes of those present must be in favour of the change before any alteration is made. 

29.        If a change of rule or constitute is proposed then the public notice (see Rule 24) shall state that "a change of rules is proposed".  The Secretary shall then inform any member who enquires what changes are proposed. 

30.        In these rules and constitutes words denoting the single member shall include the plural and vice versa.  Words denoting the masculine gender shall also include the feminine gender.