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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin


Welcome to the SILVER ANNIVERSARY of the present club; the Thurso botanist (and geologist Ed,) Robert Dick, died in 1866 so the centenary was marked by an exhibition in 1966, from which our club developed. (If Donald 0mand was here he would remind us that the first formal AGM followed two years later).

Your committee was attempting to protect the WAG OF FORSE from cattle by sponsoring a stock fence. However the Inspector of Ancient Buildings and Monuments feels that the resultant weed growth would be worse than the cows, so we will not proceed. We will attempt to obtain permission to re-move moss and heather which is swallowing stone rows at Camster Cairns.

Our publications are selling well and we plan two more; Jack Saxon's comprehensive work on Kildonan Gold, and my Guide to the Coast, the John o' Groats section, with many more to follow if it sells.

Last years Summers Outings: Earnest Jones' first outing I will remember the weasel at Buchollie Castle, and a merlin nesting in a rabbit hole in the cliffs nearby. The Orkney week-end, excellently organised by Alan Abernethy, I remember for Cubbie Roo's castle. I missed the plants at Dunbeath, but all the way from Borgie to Loyal I recall the midges, Joan Vinnicome clambering through the deep heather, the visitor with a leg through the bridge, the rain like stair rods and the scenery which made the effort worth while.

The Loth to Kildonan walk was enlivened by Margaret Abernethy's folk tales, and at Helmsdale George Watson found us many Long Cairns With Forecourts, and lured us underground into a Souterrain.

At the dinner Gordon McLachlin took us to the Antiquities of Portugal, and for our meeting with the Salmon, Bob Walker stood in for David Oliver who was ill and found us shoals of fish. David Oliver is recovering now back at school and playing golf.

Jack Saxon, our Editor, now has sufficient material for a Bulletin and it will be circulated soon.

The Winter lecturers included Elizabeth Beaton, the Rev. Dr Frank Bargett, Alan and Margaret Abernethy's double act, and in generous five-minute talks, Isobel Milne, Nelly Bruce, Jess Campbell and Myra Wilson. Audiences increased during the season, and I would like to express our appreciation to all our leaders and speakers.

Geoff Leet