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Caithness Field Club Bulletin 1993


Our 1992 Bulletin described the compelling evidence for Henry Sinclair getting to North America in 1398. Few doubt that Eric the Red landed in Canada in the 800's. Now plausible claims are being made of a 20,000 strong expedition in 1312 from the Empire of Mali, (parts of today's Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Niger, etc,) to Brazil.

The leader was Emperor Abubakari II, who abdicated in favour of his brother Moussa to go exploring in a fleet of giant canoes, but died on the outward journey.  Moussa became a land explorer and in 1324 led a famous camel caravan across the Sahara to Cairo and Mecca.

The Abubakari expedition has recently been the subject of a West African play which toured Europe. Now we need a playwright to take on Henry Sinclair's trip!

Published in 1993 Bulletin