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Caithness Field Club Bulletin 1993


I must admit to having some misgivings as to the validity of publishing "The Men of Knoydart" in the Field Club Bulletin because the content was neither about Caithness nor field work.  However the story is first hand, it is too well written to be passed over. So here it is.

Morris Pottinger's account of the Cromwellian battery at Canisbay is a splendid piece of detective work. One line which could be pursued is to see whether the Muster Rolls, which go back as far as the New Model Army, throw any light on the Canisbay Battery.  These are held In the Public Record Office in Kew. There are also earthworks on the cliff above Thurso Bay which might be of a defensive nature and the location of the four naval guns of the old Thurso Battery can still clearly be seen.  The battery at Castletown is a pretty formidable affair.  Perhaps we are due to discover more evidence of early defence systems.

There are some quite remarkable things to be seen around our county. Does anyone know the significance of the well-built, low, rectangular stone platform on the cliffs north of the Sandside estate? And how many people pass by the stone heads at Latheron without noticing them? There is a long earthwork and ditch on the slopes of Cnoc Freiceadain which runs toward Crosskirk; it runs across present roads and field boundaries and so is presumably earlier. What was its purpose? In the area between Holborn Head and the Ness of Litter the surface of the land is pock-marked by small heaps of shattered rock. There are literally hundreds of them. What is their significance?

On a lighter note, I recently received a letter marked "try Jack Saxon". It was addressed:

Mr Hugo Butterworth C/0 Dr Duck

Ironically the postmark said "Be properly addressed"

Published in 1993 Bulletin