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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
June 1994

Jack Saxon

One of the advantages (or otherwise) of having friends in various parts of the world is that there is hardly any need for the "information super-highways" proposed by the American Vice-President Al. Gore for the United States or the "information autobahn" proposed for the EU by Jacques Delors last December. Early in January a pack of photographs of dinosaur fossils from Mongolia dropped through my letter-box. Amongst these was a photograph of a complete ornithosuchan skeleton of Hypacrosaurus, a Hypacrosaurus egg, complete with embryo, a clutch of Protoceratops eggs and a 6.5 m long complete skeleton of Sinoraptor. Those lucky enough to have seen Jurassic Park, will remember Velociraptor (the swift predator). Sinoraptor is the Mongolian equivalent.