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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin
Vol 6 No 2

Club Officers 1997 - 1998

Chairman Geoff Leet, Vice Chairman Gordon Wilson,
Treasurer Alan Abernethy, Secretary Marion Owen
Committee Members Calum MacKenzie, Ernest Jones,  
  Marjory Scott, Jack Barnaby Gordon McLachlan,
Bulletin Editor Don Smith    


This year's Bulletin follows a similar pattern to previous editions by having articles covering a fairly widespread range of topics. It would be more comforting for the Editor if the list of contributors could be widened. The Bulletin currently depends heavily on the valiant efforts of a few individuals. Their support is valued, welcome and necessary. But if the Bulletin is to survive with a reasonable bill of health, it should be supported by a wider base of contributors. Please think of something which would enlighten, interest or amuse our members. If, once in every ten years, each club member offered a story, an historical cameo or a comment on local history, geology, flora or fauna, the editor could be embarrassed by having to be selective. Please embarrass him. I know many of the Club members and I know enough about them to be sure that during the year something of interest has come their way. Please share your experiences and write a piece for the Bulletin.

Do we really need a Bulletin? It provides a useful amount of information about the Club, its Programme and who runs it; but this could be provided by a simple newsletter. For further information about our county a visit to the library would open up a wide field of interest. For my part, I find it much more satisfying to read something written by one of our members; knowing the author gives the text an ingredient which is difficult to define but renders the context of the contribution more accessible. It often provokes a visit to the library to supplement what I have just read.

So I vote for a continuation of the Bulletin and hope an additional crop of contributors will ensure its continued existence.

  Copyright Caithness Field Club

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