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Cumulative Contents List 1993-1998

A Contents List for Volume 4 (April 1985) to Volume 10 (July 1992) was published in Volume 11 No 1 June 1993. Now the List is being brought up to date. Taken with the present issue, this covers the period up to the Millennium..


Volume 11 (June 1993)
Page Title
1 Bumping into the Americas
1 Burnt Mounds and Sweathouses
1 Ships v Brochs
1 Cromwellian Soldiers in Cannesbay by Morris Pottinger

The Seven Men of Knoydart Saga of the 'Munros of Knoydart' by the late Ian Munro


Cyclic Sedimentary Structures in Rocks. The probable Mesozoic Age in Northern Sutherland by Jack Saxon


Volume 12 No 1 (1994 June)
Page Title
1 Memories of Halkirk from 1920 by Jack Saxon
6 The Construction of an Early Black House by Gordon Wilson
8 A Fantastic Find of Devonian Fish at Candowindra by Jack Saxon
9 A Bottle-Nosed Dolphin in Thurso Bay by Jack Saxon
1 The Geology & palaeontology of the Shore Section Between Thurso & Scrabster by Jack Saxon
19 A Remarkable Glacial Pavement - near Brabster by Jack Saxon
19 Jurassic Park in Mongolia by Jack Saxon
20 An Elizabethan Will by Jack Saxon
27 The Highland Scots Become Interested in Railways by Lawrence Draper
30 Sweat Houses in North America by Geoff Leet
33 The Orkney Science Festival - The General Geology of Orkney by Jack Saxon
47 The Sculptured Stones of Caithness Pictish & Early Christian Stones by Tim Blackie & Colin Macaulay


Volume 5 No 7 (1995 April)
Page Title
1 "Natura 2000" - Protecting Europe's Best Habit & Species -     Information from leaflets issued jointly by the Nature Conservation     & Scottish Natural Heritage
6 Thoughts on Clan Tartans by Trudi Mann
9 Malthus, Ireland & the Highland Clearances by Geoff Leet
11 A Search for Uranium in Caithness by Elaine Smith
13 Devonian Tetrapods by Jack Saxon
17 The Sinking of the Bismatk 1941 by Richard Polanski
23 Incredible Adventures of a Field Club Recruit by Don Smith


Volume 5 No 8 (1996 April)
Page Title
1 Another Perspective on the Sutherland Clearances by Tom Allen
11 Wearing the Arsaidh Women's equivalent to the belted Plaid by Trudi Mann
Batteries at Mey & Castletown by George Watson
18 Bee Boles by Geoff Leet
20 Ham Harbour by George Watson
22 Caithnessians v Hess by Geoff Leet
23 The Eurasian Otter by George Watson
25 The Atlantic Salmon by Bob Walker
28 The Skerra Salmon by Geoff Leet
29 Why "Shell? The Birth of Shell Tankers by Brian Harris
32 The Shielings by George Watson
33 Watten Mills - from Manuscript of 1925 by Robert W Macadam (1850-1933)
40 Westside Croft (Mary Anne's Cottage) by A Fenton


Volume 6 No 1 (1997 April)
Page Title
10   Extract from Memories
11   Childhood in Thurso & ATS career in Orkney; recalled by Hetty Munro
16  Queen Auld Sails from Caithness to Iceland by Geoff Leet
16  Disaster Threatens at Seven Miles Up A Flight to Jakarta by Allen Abernethy
18  A Tacksman at Borlum, 1765 by Geoff Leet
21  Red Deer at Langwell by Bob Walker
23  Robbert Dick's Collection of Fossils by Jack Saxon

Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen - Forty Years at Scrabster by Elaine Smith

28  Concentric Earthworks by Geoff Leet
30  Falkirk Tartan - the Story of a Modern Tartan by Trudi Mann
32  There's No Accounting For Farm Animals by Don Smith


Volume 6 No 2 (1998 April)
Page Title
13  The Devonian Fish of Canowindra by Jaxk Saxon
15  Cannon Battery at Victoria Walk, Thurso by Geoff Leet
16  A Second Glance at Brims Castle by George Watson
23  Murdo Rivach's Grave by GeorgeWatson

Addendum to the Murdo Rivah's Story Paul McTyre, the Freebooter by Elaine Smith

28  A rediscovered Church Kinbrace by Geoff Leet
29  The Gauge of Slate Quarry Track-ways by Geoff Leet
30  A Bill of Material for a Barn at Stansill Farm, Bower by George Watson
33  Pattern Recognition by Don Smith