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Club Officers

Chairman Geoff Leet, 
Vice Chairman Gordon Wilson,
Treasurer Alan  Abernethy, 
Secretary Marion Owen

Committee Members:
Calum McKenzie,
Ernest Jones,
Gordon McLachlan,
Marjory Scott. 
Jack Barnaby
Editor Don Smith,


This issue of the Bulletin has contributions from the stalwarts who regularly support us with interesting articles. It also contains material from four authors who, it is believed, are making their first appearance here. This provides a welcome element of diversity and adds to the wider appreciation of the Club’s range of activities and interests.Photographs have also been used in the text. This has not been as simple as expected. In several cases the originals are in colour and, when reduced to monochrome, much of the important contrast becomes lost. Playing with the digitised scan, and/or the photo-copier, has been attempted but please forgive the editor for the poor quality. They have been included because, however poor, they are a useful adjunct to the text. Unfortunately, the cost of reproducing the photographs in colour is currently prohibited.


The freedom of information act requires everyone compiling a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers to ask, formally, permission from each person included in the list.

The Club Committee needs to have such a list if it is to function efficiently so, when paying your annual subscription for the year 1999 – 2000, club members will be asked to give their permission.