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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin

Caithness Tales

A farm servant from Forss found himself in Englandshire doing his National Service and, on his first night out, he visited a rather posh dance hall. Not being proficient at the foxtrot, he forewarned his partner with these words:-
"A'm no a great dancer, bit I'll spread doung wi any man in eh hall."

(Ed.. That reminds me of another tale, not from Caithness).
Heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano was invited to a dinner to commemorate his achievements. Not being very articulate he was at a loss for words when responding to a toast. He said:-
I'm no good at making speeches but to show my friendliness, I'll fight any man in the room.

More Caithness Tales, (from Tom Geddes)

In court the passenger of a vehicle involved in an accident was being pressed to give the speed at the time of impact. The Freswick man replied
" Weel I don't really ken as eh clockie wis broken, bit it mist hev been goan a fair lick, as eh telegraph poles were going past lek eh teeth o' a comb."

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