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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin

Heart Problem
By Don Smith

 On a crisp Christmas morning we were greeted by our hosts with a welcoming glass of mulled wine. The roasting turkey sent wafts of salivating bouquets into the room where a log fire was blazing. Lifting my glass I mused aloud. "This will warm the cockles of my heart". I paused, wondering what and where were my cockles. No-one knew. The encyclopaedia did not help. A doctor did not know. My concern at my ignorance of such an important part of my anatomy must have encouraged others to enquire on my behalf because I subsequently received enlightenment from Leslie Rowe, via this e-mail.

Jill tells me you are having a heart problem - with your cockles that is. Good wine and anything which particularly gratifies one's feelings warms the cockles thereof as you doubtless know from long experience. Why the cockles ? Well, from the Latin: cochleae cordis, the ventricles of the heart. I'd like to say that came from my classical education but in truth Mr Brewer told me so in his
Phrase & Fable.

A hearty New Year Leslie

 So now we all know where and what are our cockles I hope you, like me, feel better for this knowledge.

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