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Current Biological Recording Schemes
 ( by Ken Butler)

These are schemes being run in the current year by various organisations to enhance knowledge of our natural habitat. Members are encouraged to contribute if they can. Some schemes require a degree of specialist knowledge and dedication, while others require only common sense and the will to write it down. The standing schemes of long term recording were described in the 2002 issue of the Bulletin. This article denotes special schemes being given emphasis currently.

Small Blue Butterflies
The Small Blue (Cupido minimus) is undergoing a decline nationwide and (in the jargon of Biodiversity) is a UK Species of Conservation Concern. There is a substantial colony on Dunnet Links and some smaller colonies elsewhere in the county. It likes sandy coastal places in Caithness and its favourite food is kidney vetch. It would be very helpful if observations of this species in Caithness (or anywhere else in North Scotland) were sent to Gill Nisbet (phone 01479831581)

Beeflies look like flies but have hairy bodies like bees. Jimmy McKellar is collecting records for the Highland area and would look at specimens collected in Caithness. Phone 01463 241185.

The project to record mammals continues. At present there is emphasis on recording small mammals - rats, bats, mice,voles, shrews. Also sightings of Sika deer and Muntjac deer. The contact is Ro Scott 01381 600392.

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