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Caithness Field Club Bulletin

Cumulative Contents of Caithness Field Club Bulletins

A contents list for Volume 4 (April 1985) to Volume 10 (July 1992) was published in Volume 11 No 1 (June 1993). A list covering Volume 11 No 1 (June 1993) to Volume 6 No2 (April 1998) was published in Volume 6 No 3 (April 1999). The list below continues the list up to Volume 6 No 8 which completes the set for Volume 6.

Volume 6 No 3 April 1999

10 The Importance of Caithness Stone by Gordon Wilson
11 Early Steamship Voyages in the North by George Watson
16 Castles Sinclair and Girnigoe and the Origins of the Clan Sinclair by Rt Hon Malcolm Sinclair, Niven Sinclair and Ian Sinclair
19 Isabella Fortuna by Geoff Leet
20 Birds seen in the Burnside Area of Scrabster from 1989 to 1999 by Norman Glover
22 Cigar-shaped Gravestones in the North by Geoff Leet
24 Start of 10cm Radar in the Fleet Air Arm by Margaret Carmichael
29 Harrow Pavement Works by Paul Humphries
36 The Shapes of Churches by Geoff Leet
38 Modern Bee Boles by Val Hewison

Volume 6 No 4 April 2000

11 An Agnathan, Cephalaspis magnifica from Spittal Quarry by Jack Saxon
13 Twites wintering in Caithness by Hugh Clark
17 Rockets from the North Shore by Geoff Leet
25 Skelpick and Rhifail - the changing scenes in the last to decades. by Donald Mackay
26 Life Saving at Wick by Andrew Anderson
31 The Chapel and Graveyard at Oldhall, Watten by George Watson
33 Coastal Landmarks by George Watson
35 Building the John o' Groat's Mill in 1901 by Magnus Houston
37 Your Forests in the New Millenium by Colin Leslie
41 How did it all Begin? by Don Smith
45 Dummy Airfield at Thrumster by Geoff Leet
46 The Caithness Field Club's First Excursion, 17th May 1902 by Geoff Leet
47 The Sinclair Clan Gathering, July 2000 by Ian Sinclair

Volume 6 No 5 April 2001

8 The Story of St. John's Loch by George Watson
10 A New Fossil discovered at Achanarras Quarry by Jack Saxon
11 The Stratigraphic Position of the Old Red Sandstone of Sandside Bay by Jack Saxon
13 Bits about Building by Tommy Geddes
15 A Wedding at Skibo by Elaine Smith
16 Huna Lifeboat (1877 - 1930) by Andrew Anderson
20 WW2 Defences in Caithness by Andrew Guttridge
24 Dunnet Parish Church by George Watson
27 Monuments and Water: A re-interpretation of the Grey Cairns of Camster by Amelia Pannet
32 The History of Ackergill Tower by John and Arlette Bannister

Volume 6 No 6 April 2002

3 The Caithness Field Club Constitution  
9 Biological Recording in Caithness by Ken Butler
14 A Proposed Archaeological Trust by Gordon MacLachlan
15 Early Flying in the North of Scotland by George Watson
18 WW2 Defences in Caithness Part 2 by Andrew Guttridge
25 Local Caithness Bird Names by Robert H Walker
37 Ackergill Lifeboat (1877 - 1932) by Andrew Anderson
42 A preliminary Report on Excavations at Everly Broch, Freswick by Andrew Heald and Adam Jackson
47 A Farm Flitting in 1949 by Elaine Smith

Volume 6 No 7 April 2003

8 Gordon C Wilson - An Obituary by Jack Barnaby
9 Castle Varrich at Tongue by Colin Mackay
15 A Cave below Castle Varrich by Geoff Leet
16 Early History of Strathnaver by Gordon Wilson
25 A Trip to Latheron & Forse Early Settlement by Gordon Wilson
28 Badryrie Wood - 18 Years On by Ken Butler
31 Dale House - a history by Innes Miller
33 Achanarras - A Window on the Glorious Devonian by Jack Saxon
36 Excavations at Everly, Freswick 2002 by Andrew Heald
40 Current Biological Recording Schemes by Ken Butler
41 Progress with Biodiversity by Ken Butler
42 The Pennyland Mausoleum, Victoria Walk, Thurso by Eric Voice
45 Fast Work by Geoff Leet

Volume 6 No 8 April 2004

6 Achavanich - a Re-assessment by Leslie Myatt
12 The LEADER+ Programme by Wendy Anderson
13 Mey Personified by Tommy Geddes
18 A Brief History of Foyers by the late Gordon Wilson
24 Ruthwell Cross by Joyce Polanski
25 Excavated Finds and Treasure Trove in Scotland by Alan Saville
28 The Huna Vampire by Geoff Leet
36 Current Biological Recording Schemes by Ken Butler
36 Some Rare Caithness Bees by Murdo MacDonald
38 A New Fossil Fish by Jack Saxon
39 Hetty Munro's War Diaries by Elizabeth Rintoul
47 Cumulative Contents of Caithness Field Club Bulletins  

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