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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin

General Rules for Conduct on Outings

1. The Leader's instructions must be followed at all times. If the Leader blows a whistle please pay
    attention to his (or her) signals.

2. No dogs are to be taken on outings.

3. Attendees should keep up with the group and not wander out of sight without the permission of the

4. Attendees should tell the Leader before they prematurely leave the party and should ensure that the
    Leader counts them home at the end of the outing.

5. Attendees are advised to have up to date anti-tetanus medication.

6. Attendees should keep their legs covered when on heather-moor to minimise the risk of cleg bites
    (which can lead to Lyme disease) and adder bites.

7. Suitable footwear should be worn, according to the nature of the outing. (The Leader may ask   
    attendees to withdraw from the party if not wearing suitable footwear.)

8. Suitable clothing should be worn. This should be warm enough in cold weather, water-resistant if rain 
    threatens and sufficient to avoid severe sunburn in sunny weather. ( The Leader may ask attendees to
    withdraw from the party if not wearing suitable clothing.)

9. Attendees are responsible for judging whether they are fit to undertake the outing proposed. The
    Leader will give information at the start of the outing about the type of walk and the fitness standard

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