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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin

News of Caithness Archaeological Trust (by Gordon McLachlan)
The Field Club is a founder member of the CAT and Gordon sits on its Board on our behalf. Here is his report of recent happenings.

The last Board meeting took place on January 14th 2005. An approach to Prince Charles was successful and he has graciously agreed to be Patron of CAT.

Emma Anderson has replaced Andrew Heald as Archaeological Development Officer; Andrew had been head-hunted by the Museum of Scotland. Emmas job will be the same and she started in November.

It was agreed that CAT should join the Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA). In 2004 CAT won the IFA Award for the best professional / voluntary archaeological project that demonstrates a commitment to professional standards and ethics. CAT was also runner-up in the Silver Trowel Award for the greatest initiative in archaeology. (The parchment for that is shown overleaf.

Scottish Archaeology Month is September 2005 and the programme is shown overleaf.

Highland Archaeology Week is October 8th to 16th and the programme for that is shown below.

The survey of Yarrows and Warehouse will continue to completion under Andy Heald.

A Chambered Cairn project will commence in June/July initially with the public not present, but it will soon become a community project.

Prof. John Barber & Nottingham University will be undertaking limited excavation of a broch at Nybster

Further excavation will be undertaken at Battlecross if funding can be found.


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