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A Surprising Co-incidence and an Apology
In the previous Bulletin (Volume 6 Number 8 April 2004), I published an article given to me by the late Gordon Wilson before his death. It had no attribution or explanation, so I, without thinking too hard, took it to be his own writing.  So A Brief History of Foyers appeared under his name.

Nobody was more surprised to read it than our long-standing member and ex-Chairman David Oliver. For he recognised it as a piece he had written when he stayed in Foyers and worked for the British Aluminium company there more than forty years ago. It began life as an internal document for BA to understand the history of its location and later became available in the local hotel for the education of the guests.

So David is to be congratulated on writing such a good piece in the first place and deserves the recognition that he was the author. Gordon obviously thought it would be of interest to our members.

And it is an amazing co-incidence that it got published in a journal that its author was certain to read.

And my apologies to you all for getting the authorship wrong in the last issue.

Ken Butler (Editor)

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