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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
Vol 7 No 1

Welcome to Volume 7 of the Bulletin. Volume 1 Number 1 was published in April 1973 when Brian Hughes was the first Editor. It has been published regularly since then with some hiccups in the numbering system and some variations of timing of publication. Much of the sequence is now reproduced on the Web thanks to www.caithness.org and there is a lot of fascinating reading there. I think it is a very successful contribution to knowledge about Caithness and interest in it.
Your contributions to continue this tradition are very welcome.

Ken Butler

Caithness Field Club Summer Programme 2005
Some Highlights of Natural History in 2004 (by Mary Legg, Donald Omand and Ken Butler)
Field Club Activities in 2004 (by Marion Owen)
A Surprising Co-incidence and an Apology (by Ken Butler)
The Caithness Secret Army in World War II (by Geoff Leet)
201 BN News (by Geoff Leet)
More Big Cats (by Geoff Leet)
The Fungi in Dunnet Forest (by David Savage)
The Pilkington Family in Caithness (by Ken Melhuish)
Caithness Cetaceans (by Marina Swanson)
Historical Letter No 1 (by George Watson)
Hetty Munro's War Diaries (by Elizabeth Rintoul)
A Letter from Robert Burns to Sir John Sinclair (by L.J. Myatt)
A Botanical Local Change Project (by Ken Butler)
News of Caithness Archaeological Trust (by Gordon McLachlan)
Highland Archaeology Week October 2005
The John o' Groats Legend: Fact or Fiction? (by George Watson)
Snippets and Stories about The Royal Hotel, Thurso (by James M Wilson)

  Copyright Caithness Field Club 2005

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