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More Big Cats (by Geoff Leet)
Back in March 1990 we published "The Tail of the Puma" where Eric Sutherland described sightings of a large dark cat near Fochabers. Gordon MacLachlan has conducted vetinary inspections of sheep clearly killed by a large cat.

Recently the cats have been neglected until one visited my Thurso garden at about 2.30 pm on 24th August 2004. The beast, described as the size of a Labrador dog with a long straight tail and brown in colour, was seen by Bill and Christine Cormack of Thurso. Bill photographed large paw prints on the beach, which was reproduced in the John o'Groat Journal of 27th August 2004.

On a December afternoon Kenny Findlayson saw a big cat beyond the lighthouse at Holborn Head. The beast was deer coloured and may have been the brown one mentioned above. Sheep have not been reported missing so the beast must live on rabbits and seabirds.

The Scottish Big Cat Trust seeks information on sightings. A similar English organisation is trying to find likely places to set up automatic cameras.

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