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Caithness Field Club

Caithness Field Club Bulletin
Vol 7 No 3 - April 2007

Editorial - See Below
Caithness Field Club Summer Programme 2007
Some Highlights of Natural History in 2006 (by Mary Legg, Donald Omand and Ken Butler)
Field Club Activities in 2006 (by Marion Owen)
Raising the Wreck of SS Great Britain (by George Watson and Geoff Leet)
GPS for FieldClubbers (by Ken Butler)
A Walk at Strathy and Baligill (by Ken Butler)
Telfords Mill Lade at Wick (by Jenny Bruce)
Spoked Wheel Stones (by Geoff Leet)
The Leodebeste Rocky Outcrop (by Ken Butler)
Hetty Munro’s War Diaries (by Elizabeth Rintoul)
Grassland Fungi in Caithness (by David Savage)
Birnie and the Early Bishopric of Moray (by Ian Keillar)
The Rodney Stone (by Ian Keillar)
The Juniper Survey Project 2006 (by Myra Wilson and Ken Butler)

Your Committee
Chairman: Geoff Leet Tel: 01847 89 6989

Secretary: Marion Owen 9 Tormsdale Place
KW14 8PZ
Tel: 01847 89 2999

Treasurer: Jack Barnaby Tel: 01847 89 2583

Editor: Ken Butler Tel: 01847 89 3549
e-mail: kbutler243@aol.com

Committee Members: Alan Abernethy, Eleanor Leishman, Gordon MacLachlan, Calum McKenzie, Elizabeth Rintoul, Myra Wilson.

Cover picture: An hotel receipt of 1864 for the Royal Hotel, Thurso.
(by courtesy of Tommy Geddes)

I hope you like the format of the Bulletin this year. I have moved away from the two-column format of recent years because it restricts the freedom to put diagrams and photographs amongst the text. The digital camera has come of age, so it is easy to include the pictures that come with your text.

I am pleased to welcome new authors in this issue and I hope this will encourage other to set pen to paper, or perhaps – finger to keyboard.

Ken Butler

©  Copyright Caithness Field Club 2007

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