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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
A survey by Tim Blackie and Colin Macaulay

Reference Number: SSC/1

Name: Thurso Castle

Description: Class 1 Symbol Stone

Present Location: Lost

Original Location: Crosskirk Broch?

ND 0250 7014

Other Documentation: BEAT p12
  ECMS iii P30
  FAIR pp100-101
  IMCC No 405
  SSS i pll
Dimensions: Height 2 feet 3 inches,
  Breadth 2 feet 2 inches,
  Width unknown

Notes: This stone was recorded during the last century as being found in a broch near the old chapel at St Mary's, Lybster (see SSS i pll). However, a certain amount of doubt seems to surround the original location, and it is possible that this stone is the same as that recorded as being found in a broch at Sibster and removed by a resident of Thurso Castle (see entry for Reference Number S3C/26). Although this stone was supposed to have been gifted to the King of Denmark, there is now written confirmation from both the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen and the Queen of Denmark's Lord Chamberlain that the stone is not to be found there. The stone's appearance is known from a plaster cast taken whilst it lay at Thurso Castle. There are two incised symbols, a 'crescent-and-V' and an 'arch'. The former is the most common of the Pictish symbols and features on 5 known stones from Caithness. It seems doubtful that this stone will ever be located, but at least the plaster cast has preserved the form of the sculpture.