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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
A survey by Tim Blackie and Colin Macaulay

Reference Number. SSC/17

Name: Latheron 3

Description: Cross-incised Slab (fragment)

Present Location: Latheron (private)

Original Location: Latheron Mains Barn ND 1989 3315

Other Documentation: BEAT p26
  CCS LAT 256
  IMCC No 298
Dimensions: Length 2 feet 3 inches
  Breadth 1 foot 1 inch

Notes: This fragment of a cross-incised slab was formerly incorporated into the west wall of the same barn in which was found a Class 2 symbol stone (see entry for Reference Number SSC/8). Apparently a third stone which had been lying at the site disappeared during the 1960s, so the present owners decided to preserve this one by building it into a garden wall (see entry for Reference Number SSC/5). According to the owners, both this stone and the Class 2 symbol stone originally came from a site nearer the sea called 'the Chapel Stones' (ND 1988 3287). The stones used to build the barn and the substantial walls to its immediate south came from this site.