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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
A survey by Tim Blackie and Colin Macaulay

Reference Number: SSC/7

Name: Ackergill 2

Description: Class 1 Symbol Stone

Present Location: NMA, Edinburgh

Original Location: Ackergill Links

ND 3483 5499

Other Documentation: PSAS lx pl79

Dimensions: Length 12 inches,
  Breadth 16 inches,
  width 1 inches

Notes: This fragment of a Pictish symbol stone was found during the 1920s in the course of excavations on a burial site very close to the place where the Ackergill 1 stone was found (see entry for Reference Number SSC/4). The stone is incised with a 'rectangle' symbol, and below this there is a short section of curved line indicating the original presence of a second symbol. This is the second incidence of the 'rectangle' symbol at this site.