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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
A survey by Tim Blackie and Colin Macaulay

Reference Number: SSC/8

Name: Latheron 2

Description: Class 2 Symbol Stone

Present Location: NMA, Edinburgh

Original Location: Latheron Mains Barn

ND 1989 3315

Other Documentation: BEAT p18
  CCS LAT 257
  IMCC No299
  PSAS lxxiv p534
Dimensions: Length 3 feet,
  Breadth 1 foot 5 inches,
  Width 4 inches


Notes: This stone was found built into the wall of an old barn at Latheron by John Nicolson in 1903. Both the top and bottom portions are missing. The iconography is a little unusual; the two symbols appear on the same side as the rather stylised cross, and are incised, whereas the cross is carved in relief. The symbols are also rather idiosyncratically drawn, a somewhat parrot-like 'eagle' and a 'fish'. Below these, also incised but damaged and difficult to discern, are two horsemen. This stone also bears an ogham inscription (see the entry for Reference Number SSC/4). Both beginning and end are missing, but the remaining characters read, from bottom to top, "... DUNNODNNATMAQQNETO ...". The letters MAQQ have been noted in other Pictish oghams, and given the obvious phonetic resemblance to the Irish word for "son of ... ", it has been suggested that these inscriptions record personal names. The stone was presented to the National Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh, where it is currently to be seen on public display.