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Caithness Field Club Bulletin
A survey by Tim Blackie and Colin Macaulay

Reference Number: SSC/9

Name: Skinnet 1

Description: Class 2 Symbol Stone

Present Location: Thurso Museum

Original Location: St Thomas's Chapel,
  Skinnet, by Halkirk
  ND 1310 6205
Other Documentation: BEAT p16
  ECMS iii P30
  IMCC No 299
  MUIR P105
Dimensions: Length 7 feet 6 inches,
  Breadth 2 feet 2 inches,
  Width 7 inches

Notes: This magnificent stone was removed from an inside wall of the ruined chapel at Skinnet by the Reverend T. S. Muir, who described the circumstances of this event in his Ecclesiological Notes (1861). Muir's pointed references to the condition of the stone as he left it may well indicate that at the date of writing he was aware that the stone had become damaged. The next reference to this stone that has been found dates to the year 1890, when Romilly Allen found it lying in six pieces under a bookcase in the Thurso Museum. The stone, though badly damaged, is still a most impressive monument, carved partly in relief and partly with incised lines. On the front is a cross in relief with serpentine creatures incorporated into the knotwork decoration, and below the base a pair of stepping horses yoked together. On the back, another cross is ornamented with spiral and knotwork patterns, below which is the 'triple oval' symbol and an elaborate 'crescent-and-V'.