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Borrowstone Quarrry to Ulbster Mausoleum - 7th May 2000

Geoff Leet led the group on an interesting walk to several features of the area from Borrowstone quarry to the Ulbster Mausoleum.  The Route took us past several time periods from a lime kiln from the nineteenth century  to wartime buildings at the top of the hill.  From the hill could clearly be seen the wartime dummy airfield set up as a decoy for the real one at Wick.  Whilst looking over the area from the hill a number of roe deer were disturbed by us and showed us just how fast they can move.  The heather is coming on now and wild primroses were to be seen in large numbers.

The area was bombed but the bombs went into the bog.  Further on a cairn was the next subject for discussion.  Not far away Geoff set a poser regarding a large 12 foot long stone which had a large groove cut into it.  What was it for?.  Why was the stone still there?  Was the job left unfinished?  The answer is lost in antiquity.  But maybe someone will solve it.

Several buildings connected with the war were looked into and are amazingly strong - they will be there in hundreds of years.

Then on to the mausoleum built by the Sinclair family in 1700.  The roof has had recent restoration work (1995) done to ensure it is supported and does not collapse.  A fascinating and unusual structure.  There are not any like it elsewhere in the north.  The burial ground was also the site of a medieval chapel - St. Martin's.

An interesting walk with marvelous views of the coast and Sarclet Loch where the Model Yacht Club members sail their yachts in various competitions throughout the summer.

Mausoleum built by Sinclair family in 1700

Nearby the Mausoleum - the old family farm buildings.