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Broubster Visit - 26 August 2000

The visit to Broubster and surrounding area was a very interesting and enjoyable day.  Leaving Wick and meeting up in Thurso before proceeding out to Broubster.  The day started very overcast but to everyone's surprise stayed dry and even had the odd ray of sunshine.

Geoff Leet led the group on a tour of the old village, Stone Circle, Kiln, Sheep Pen, Old Farm steadings (Gordon Wilson pointing out the signs in a wall of an old animal driven mill).  The site of an old click mill was observed near the stream and many other features were pointed out over the day.  Winnowing Doors were also found in the old buildings.  These were used to allow the chaff to blow out from grain before being stored.

Also pointed out was a "Cupstone" reckoned to be about 2500 BC.  This one had five cups in it.  The use and exact origin is unknown.  It was surprising to find out that the last inhabitants left only in the 1960's.  It looked much longer.  The decay proceeds fast when a place is abandoned.

Much of the visit was on the Shurrery Estate and as the shooting season is on anyone visiting should contact the estate in advance.  See the notice below for details.

shurreryestatesign.jpg (37666 bytes)
Estate Notice
cupstone.jpg (52219 bytes)
Cupstone - knife for scale
discussing.jpg (49367 bytes)
One of many discussions   
checkingstonecircle.jpg (45138 bytes)
The Stone Circle
examiningitall.jpg (45169 bytes)
Checking it out.
flagrow.jpg (33046 bytes)
Flag row on Roof
lastroofbroubster.jpg (41256 bytes)
Most Complete Roof
oldfieldwalls.jpg (31349 bytes)
Old Field Walls
sheeppen.jpg (41101 bytes)
Sheep Pen Intact
smallrecesses.jpg (51740 bytes)
Small Recesses
stream.jpg (44064 bytes)
Near the Mill for Lunch