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Dirlot Castle & Loch More Outing - 28th May 2000

Geoff Leet led the group of over 20 on an interesting tour of this remote and beautiful part of Caithness.  First of all a visit to Dirlot Castle near to an old graveyard and then on to a walk above the shoreline of Loch More to an old settlement finding the old mill wheels of a Click Mill and seeing the drying room for grain in the old village.

The weather was very overcast but it did not rain.

The party enjoyed the scene at Dirlot where they had their lunch beside the footbridge over the river Thurso.  Geoff also showed the group one of the many standing stone rows.  Most of the stones were covered in heather and grass but by placing a person on the visible ones it was possible to find others.

dirlotcastle.jpg (30673 bytes)
Site of Dirlot Castle

  footbridgeatdirlot.jpg (38281 bytes)
Foot Bridge - Dirlot

millstonelochmore.jpg (53336 bytes)
Mill Stone

bridgelochmore.jpg (29035 bytes)
Bridge at Loch More

On the way out to the old village the group startled the usual rabbits and a number of birds including a ringed plover.  The walk back along the shore of Loch More which has a beach of Coarse sand and layers of springy peat and traces of iron ore in the form of unusual shapes and rusty looking patterns mingled with the peat.

dryingroomlochmore.jpg (44154 bytes)
Grain Drying Room in old Village

Another enjoyable walk in a vast empty landscape with the mountains in the distance easily gave the impression of a timelessness hard to find outside the Highlands. 

gravesatdirlot.jpg (28724 bytes)
Old graves at Dirlot

fieldclubmembersmillstone.jpg (31605 bytes)
Club members uncover a mill stone.

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