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Caithness Places Round The World

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Where Is that Caithness Place?

There are many places round the world with a Caithness name.  Some of them may be named directly after a Caithness place and other it may be a coincidence.  whatever the reason we will list a few here.  If you know of any get in touch and send us a few details and a picture if you can or a web site address that lets us all see the place with a Caithness name in another part of the world.
There is a Thurso in Canada near Ottawa.  Send details of any you know to bill@caithness.org

Caithness Energy

Caithness Energy, L.L.C. (Caithness) is a privately held Independent Power Producer headquartered in New York City. The primary focus is the development, acquisition, operation and management of independent power generation.

Caithness Stud
Breeding horses in New Zealand

Wick AM - Goodtime Oldies

North Eastern Pennsylvania

Thurso Quebec

Halkirk Alberta
Population 117

Caithness Manor

12 Hill Street, Angaston South Australia 5353
Once A School and now extremely comfortable place to stay.  Web site has a history page
Offers a10% discount to anyone from Caithness

Morven, Autralia
A small place in Queensland - population 200
Morven is the highest place in Caithness - a hill

Berridale Australia

Robert Lockwood over at This Is Halkirk web site has sent us a link for Halkirk, Alberta Canada
Halkirk on Caithness.org

Here are some pictures from John Page In Australia.
Castlehill, Australia

Castlehill On Caithness.org

Castletown, Australia

Castletown On Caithness.org