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Where Caithness Folk Have  Gone                          


Barbara Tannock (Nee Newman)
I moved to Thurso in 1957 aged 4. Attended West
Public, Miller Academy, Pennyland and Thurso High. Moved to Oregon in 1981.
Subsequently divorced Joe Fitzpatrick and raised sons David (28) and Adam
(24) here in Portland where we still live close to one another. In 1992 I
married John Tannock, a native of Milngavie whom I met in 1970 while working
at Lochdhu. We both love Caithness but enjoy living in Oregon close to the
Pacific coast, mountains and forests. For more info about this area log on
to pova.com. I am just back from 5 weeks in Thurso. It was great to see
family and friends and spend time in Thurso, my favourite place in the
world. Wish someone would organize a reunion for those born in 1952 or 1953!
Would be glad to help from afar! Contact me at