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  Where Caithness Folk Have  Gone          


John Page
     John originally from Castletown now lives in Whyalla , Australia   

  This is the only photograph I can find that is close to the time we left Caithness, this was taken on the 8th September 1966, we left for the Shetlands about 3 months later, then to Somerset, Edinburgh, Cyprus and finally Australia.


More from John who works at the local university.  23 February 2001
On Whyalla...

Whyalla is still heavily reliant on steel, the major company BHP just sold it's Whyalla operation to a new company 'One Steel' they are in a similar position when it comes to demand, however they do have a large deposit of ore here, depending who you believe anywhere between 25 and 100 years, but I suppose both could be true, just depends on the grade you want.

There is a very good chance Whyalla will have a 'Pig Iron' plant built here, we have the pilot plant up and running and has been a success.  Whyalla also makes steel sleepers (rail) and with the new Darwin to Alice Springs railway there should be plenty of work for them.

Whyalla also has a liquid gas plant with the raw materials piped 500 to 600 klms from the north of the state.

All in all the town looks quite healthy.