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Christmas 2003

360 Pictures Of Caithness Page Two

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Hillhead School - Sale Of 360 Pictures Of Caithness

This is your chance to order a fantastic 360' picture of Caithness by Hillhead Primary Seven, which were on display at this year's Heritage Fair.

We will be selling the pictures at the school on Mondays 9:00am to 10:00am and Wednesdays and Fridays 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Contact A.P.A.C.H.E. - 360' at Hillhead Primary School on 01955 603233 or email us at - ]hillheadp7@hcs.uhi.ac.uk

18 different pictures available:
 Wick Harbour, Market Square, Medical Centre, High Street, Hillhead Playground, Riverside, Newton Hill, Wick Pier, Forsinard, Reiss Beach, Wick Hospital, Ackergill Tower, Argyle Square, John O'Groats, the mouth of Thurso River, Dounreay, Dunnet Beach and Kirkhill.

A3 photo-4.99
A4 photo-2.99
A3 calender-4.99
A4 calender-2.99
3 Months on a page calender-4.99
12 Months, 1 month on a page-7.99
Fridge magnets - 0.99
10% discount for orders of 10.00 or more
20% discount for orders of 20.00 or more
25% discount for orders of 30.00 or more
On sale Monday 9am - 10am
Wednesday 2pm -4pm
Friday 2pm - 4pm
Email at hillheadp7@hcs.uhi.ac.uk  or
call 01955 603233 to make an appointment At
The pictures on the web page are all low resolution scans.  All artwork
produced by A.P.A.C.H.E. - 360' is of photo quality

360 Pictures Of Caithness Page Two