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Caithness Rabbit Fanciers Association

Caithness Rabbit Fanciers Web Site

The Caithness Rabbit Fanciers' Association is a rabbit club catering to rabbit enthusiasts in the far north east of Scotland.

Their main aim is to promote the rabbit fancy in Caithness by encouraging owners to enjoy their rabbit more. They will be hosting 2-3 rabbit shows a year, giving club members a chance to get together to show off their rabbits.

Caithness Rabbit Fanciers Association First Show Held At Staxigoe 14 April 07

The overall winner and best in show was a "Continental Giant" an impressively huge rabbit looking in tip top conditions.  A big softy this rabbit allowed all of the children and adults to stroke his fur.  The show was a big success with organisers very pleased at the big turnout for the first show despite another rabbit show being on the same day in Keith.  The next show will be at the Canisbay Show on 30th June.
Results From Rabbit Show 14 April 2007

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